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Not 'Surviving,' Thriving

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All of these photographs come from stock.xchng. Their gallery containing over 180.000 stock photos by more than 10.000 photographers from all over the world. All are royalty free. We'd like to thank these artists for the beauty that they create.

Photographer: Richard
Title: Little Gardener (Lilly)

Location: London England

Lilly stands a bit confused in her brightly colored spotted hat, decorative sweater, and jeans worn backward. She holds a red rake in her hand, and the yard seems to dwarf her. She is a reminder of how we all have to start somewhere making a new relationship with the environment around us, no matter how daunting the task or how ill-equipped we might feel to begin.

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Photographer: Rodolfo Clix
Title: Jump

Location: San Paulo, Brazil

There is both fear and exhilaration in the unknown. We can make the leap full of terror and longing for stable ground, or allow the experience to completely engulf us, wingless, airborne, wind running around us, cool water below. There is a Chinese curse that says "May you live in interesting times." How we face the future is always a decision, even though what we face is out of our hands.

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Photographer: Rinna Bohui
Title: Blue Eye up close

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

There is a wide-spread belief that we "see" with our eyes. In reality, the eye is a delivery device sending impulses to our brains, and there we make meaning from them. As you look into this eye, what emotion do you see? Curiosity? Fear? Apprehension? Weariness? Love? Our perception, not our vision, determines this interpretation.

Website to see more of Rinna Bohui's work:

Photographer: Alicia Jo McMahan
Title: Handful of Dirt 5

Location: Burnsville, N.C., United States

Our actions, by themselves, may seem insignificant. Taking one step, however small, multiplied by thousands of people, creates great change. Don't focus on the results of a project initially, but enjoy the steps along the way. Most people over-estimate what they can accomplish in a year, but severely under-estimate what they can do in ten years. Start today.

Website to see more of Alicia Jo McMahan's work:

Photographer: Leslie Watt
Title: Russian Dolls

Location: London, Kent United Kingdom

Within each of us, is an ancient tradition of being a member of a community. Modern social isolation is an anomaly, not the norm. The movement toward community building is real and growing. The challenge is to continue to allow diversity of all kinds within a community structure. Think globally, but act locally. Your efforts will multiply.

Website to see more of Leslie Watt's work:

Photographer: OBRAPRIMA
Title: hands_union

Location: Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

We each have an option about how we will join together, and for what purpose. While war and hatred of "the other" is a common way to bring people together, it is the least constructive. The grip of community can either be constraining or supportive. When it serves to constrain ourselves and each other, creative energy is restricted. When it works cooperatively together, the force or energy that can be exerted is tremendous. Let us work creatively to find the many solutions needed for a post-petroleum age.

Website to see more of OBRAPRIMA's work:

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