How has
Peak Oil
affected you?

Not 'Surviving,' Thriving

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Photographer: Michael R
Title: Optimism

Location: Albany, New York, United States

This picture captures for us the promise of adolescence and young adulthood: energetic, hopeful, and ready to offer their many gifts to the world around them.

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Photographer: Unknown

They say that love is a many splendid thing, but stress and financial worries can put tremendous pressures on a new relationship. Deciding if and when to marry, whether they should buy a house, and if they should have children are all decisions made more difficult under these conditions.

Photographer: Jan Roger Johannesen
Title: A Mother kisses her baby

Location: Oslo, Norway

A love between a mother and her infant is the infant's first love affair. The capacity to develop and thrive depends on the love of a devoted caretaker.

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Photographer: Justin Ochs
Title: Family

Wichita, KS, United States

Families with school-aged children are often working overtime to manage all of life's demands. Here, they are at their best, during the brief time they have to be together without the stresses of everyday life. When cultural pressures are high, a parents way of communicating to their children how safe the world is will determine whether they adjust successfully or not. In a chaotic world, children need to feel that they will be taken care of.

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Photographer: Fran Pristelli
Title: A tender moment between Mom & Dad

Location: Somewhere in USA

Middle age can offer a family greater financial resource than they had in their earlier years and greater community connection. However, the awareness of Peak Oil can also bring the awareness that all that "security" they were hoping for in a few short years may have evaporated. A "middle age crisis" takes on a new meaning when not only "youth" but electricity, gasoline, and a host of other scarcity present themselves.

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Photographer: Iuriatan Felipe Muniz
Title: After all...

Location: Campinas, SP, Brazil

To quote the photographer: "I like this shot 'cause I feel like they've been victorious in life... meeting each other and living at a farm... "

People in a more agricultural time were a valuable source of information to those starting out. In more recent times, they have been the ones that are often lectured to instead of turned to for advice. What will our elderly do if needed medication becomes in short supply?

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