How has
Peak Oil
affected you?

Not 'Surviving,' Thriving

Life Stages

In order to understand more about your emotional reactions to Peak Oil, it is useful to learn how your current life challenges might impact your view of a post-oil future.

Ages & Stages

Teen to Young Adult

Common Issues

Maybe you are in high school or college. You are already juggling a lot. You are taking on more adult responsibilities, and making decisions about your future


18-30 Year Olds

You may be just starting out in college, or your first job. You may be a parent of a young child or teenager.



This is the period in which many people raise children. Raising children is a sobering job that enables the wise to begin to develop the talent for loving without demand that it be returned. The act of loving and caring for others becomes its own reward. Why plant a tree you won't live to see bear fruit? Because of a belief and unselfish investment in the future.

Peak oil awareness brings doubts about how the future will play out.


Later Years

For some people, this stage represents coming to terms with a series of losses: losing your job through retirement; losing your childbearing capacity through menopause; losing vibrant health; losing one's strength, eye sight, hearing, even bladder function.

This is decidedly a modern slant.


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